5 Tips For Driving Sales in an Economic Slump

5 Tips For Driving Sales in an Economic Slump

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Because of the current economic down-turn, business owners are starting to invest heavily in online marketing strategies. According to IAB Australia, the Australian online market alone is on track to top a record 3 billion dollars in online advertising revenues in the period for 2012. A simple website presence combined with an Adwords campaign may not suffice these days if you are to compete with your most savvy competitors.

The following outlines 5 ways for business owners to increase their sales during economic times:

1/ Is your website working for you 24/7?

No matter how great your team is, no staff member will work 24/7. You should start to consider your website as part of your team, because this “is” one team member that “will” work 24/7. The high costs to employ a staff member far out-weigh that of having to pay a web designer to make crucial updates to your website. Customers are able to make decisions, and even make purchases through your website with little or no initial effort on your part.

2. Interact with potential clients via their Tablet or Smartphone

Latest estimates predict that in America, within 12 months time, 50% of people will own some kind of mobile device. Australia is not reaching these same numbers yet, even still, it’s very much common-place to see people constantly connected via their mobile device for browsing, emailing and shopping. By not having an effective website presence that is also mobile-friendly, the day will come sooner rather than later when you’ll start to feel the impact of missing mobile engaged customers.

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3. High website rankings through SEO strategies

Unlike the offline world, small businesses having a fighting chance of being able to compete in prime online locations. If the right SEO strategy is put in place, any small business can rank along side the big boys on page one of Google. Traditional forms of TV and print advertising have a shelf life for the duration of that campaign, however a top SEO  ranking means endless visibility. SEO services are also a damn sight cheaper than media advertising, so it comes as no surprise to us as to why Australian businesses are channeling their advertising budgets into SEO.

4. Interacting with social media outlets

Nearly half the Australia population has a Facebook account. Facebook has become the most visited website in the world, surpassing Google. Connecting with your audience via Facebook affords you brand recognition and gives your business presence a personality. Many businesses are still yet to embrace the social media option mainly because of a lack of understanding. However there is undeniable proof and success stories pertaining to successful social media campaigns for many small businesses. The sharing of links between the various platforms also has immense SEO benefits such as “Retweeting”, “Liking” and so on.

5. Get an instant impact with Pay-Per-click

Provided you have the initial budget, an Adwords campaign can very well generate income straight away. These advertisements are finely tuned to target very specific and qualified buyers. Your website ranking can reach the top listings on page one of Google throughout the campaign offering you a good conversion rate as visitors are likely to act quickly and make fast decisions. Keeping abreast of all the online opportunities will go along way in securing your place in the market even in an economic down-turn.

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