Australian Schools to Lift Social Network Ban

Australian Schools to Lift Social Network Ban

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Social Network Ban? The department of education in NSW Australia looks set to reverse controversial bans previously imposed on Facebook and Twitter use in NSW schools. The department is currently reviewing its Internet filtering policy for the social network.

With the current filtering policy contract about to expire, the NSW department of education is revisiting its Internet policy to make sure the currently blocked social network media sites meet their software requirements. School students are currently  undergoing a series of questionnaires that are designed to establish which elements the students feel could be essential for future use. The department made a statement saying “Elements of the survey requires students to determine which social media websites were deemed necessary to access during school hours.”

Dianne Marshall, the director of the public schools education department announced to an education community forum that the social media / social network category was one that will play a large function in our children’s future education. However, deputy president of the schooling council of NSW, Lila Mularczyk suggested that the wider community was largely unconvinced that unfiltered social media activity in the general schooling system was the best way forward.

Further ongoing deliberation in conjunction with the Education Revolution Program hinted that the council was mindful of Internet social media sites that had potential to be beneficial for students, and was awaiting the results of the student survey. Debbie Fisher, head of the NSW Parents and Citizens Organisation, indicated that parents of current students were starting to warm to the idea of students having access to currently banned social media networks.

Ms Fisher told us that “students are accessing these websites via their mobile devices anyway, it’s time we started supporting our kids and working with them on ways to use Facebook and Twitter in line with policies that support safe practice. If students were allowed access to any social network, this access would be of a supervised nature with appropriate guidance and training.”

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