Expert SEO Services

Expert SEO Services

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Discover why our expert SEO services can bring your website to the first page of Google without performing any under-handed black hat SEO methods or other questionable SEO techniques which can bring short-term increased website rankings but devastating long-term harm to your website presence.

SEO companies who perform SEO strategies with the sole aim of manipulating search engine algorithms are just down-right irresponsible and are literally jeopardizing your financial security. Search engine penalties are rife these days as Google continues to step-up its war on SEO practices that violate their search guidelines.

What Does a Search Engine Penalty Mean For Your Business?

In a nutshell – devastation! By having a search engine penalty leveled against your website means that you’ll lose most of if not all your organic search traffic. Google’s Search Quality Team has narrowed the options for SEO strategies that work. Not only are many SEO methods ineffective these days, these out-dated practices run the risk of bringing about a search engine penalty due to Google’s super advanced algorithm.

My investigations show me that there are still many SEO packages on the market that offer distribution services featuring hundreds or thousands of submissions to both article directories and link directories. How this works is that these organisations write one article or one directory description, and simply submit this one copy containing links pointing to your website to multiple directories for publication.

Unless these guys have been living under a rock for the last 18 months, this really is dangerous and potentially harmful for the long-term survival of your website rankings. The sophisticated search engine algorithms are continuing to devalue the quality of websites that participate in link building practices that offer no real benefit to search engine visitors.

Practicing SAFE SEO Methods

Expert SEO services

Expert SEO services


How Can Website Hotline Help?

Thanks for stopping by to see why Website Hotline has created an SEO strategy that sets itself apart from the rest of the industry. At Website Hotline, we do actually put in the EFFORT with our SEO strategies rather than carrying out mindless blanket low quality submissions. The reason as to why EFFORT is so important when it comes to SEO is that when you take the time to make a helpful and genuine contribution to the search results, this will be reflected in your search engine rankings.

How do we do This?

Total Content Management

Once we determine the best keywords to bring you free traffic, we then go to work on optimising and tweaking your existing pages or if necessary will create new pages within your website specifically for your expert SEO campaign. The on-site management component of your SEO campaign involves implementing appropriate page titles, meta descriptions, page content optimising and other back-end coding elements.

Directory Submissions

How do we do this differently from others? We don’t believe in doing mass submissions by the thousands and hoping for the best. Remember, by submitting your website to a link directory, the submission has to undergo a manuel quality guideline review by its owner. And no owner of a directory website would in his right mind accept low quality websites and spam submissions for inclusion in their directory and run the risk of having their own site penalised in the process and being singled out by Google as a low quality directory hence effecting their own search engine rankings.

As a result, mass submissions to link directories for the purposes of building back links to your website have a very low rate of being approved. It’s very much a hit and miss exercise to say the very least. So, when you buy an SEO package from one of the many SEO providers, you are basically paying for mass submissions (often automated with submission software) rather than strategic SEO techniques which is what Website Hotline will give you.

This is How WE Get You Awesome Back links Using Link Directories

A typical “SEO friendly” link directory will have up to 100,000 pending submissions because of the sheer amount of low quality submissions and spam activity that is still rife. The truth is that most of these submissions never see the light of day. Website Hotline targets local directories in Australia and NOT the international link directories that are the target of link spammers across the globe.

Here’s an example, a recent SEO campaign we did for a client where we carried out submissions to only local Australian link directories saw more than 50% of these submissions approved within 7 days, and a further 34% approval within 6 weeks of the submission date. I also took note of the amount of pending submissions on average on the local directories and worked this out to be as little as 200 – compared with 100,000 for the international directories. In addition, we also factor into your monthly SEO plan a certain amount of paid premium link directories. We’ll get your site back linked with awesome links!

Article Submissions

We NEVER mass distribute the same article to hundreds of article directories. We painstakingly write and rewrite each and every article so each and every article submission has a unique component of content. Every article title is rewritten, 30%- 40% of the main content component is re-worded into a unique format, and each and every author bio (where your links are placed) is re-written into a unique format.

This strategy not only offers a far higher chance of your submissions getting approved, in addition, your articles stand a far higher chance of remaining active and live in the search engine results thus providing LONG-TERM SEO BENEFITS!

Wait, There’s More!

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging offers the highest quality standard in link building. However, the effort to maintain this is huge. How it works is this: One article is written and posted to one website – the article is not subject to submission to multiple sites. Website owners who accept guest posts are generally looking for top quality content that is 100% unique to their website. In return, the writer is allowed to place links within the article content pointing back to their own site hence giving them a valuable back link.

These kinds of back links are certainly the most valuable in terms of how search engines will assess a websites back link portfolio. Within your monthly SEO package, the team at Website Hotline will carry out guest blogging activities and partner searches for highly relevant industry websites and will find exceptional opportunities for back links that no other SEO companies will offer.

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