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Irritating Website Design

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Irritating Website DesignDid you ever stop to think that not everyone has the same tastes as you, that your website design might be annoying to others? If you are in the business of making websites, knowing the things that visitors hate is essential, unless of course you do not want them to ever return to your website? The following article talks about the things you should exclude from your site.

Several weeks ago I was sent an email from a work colleague requesting that I look-over a website developed by him. My colleague is a fellow website designer and the client he built the site for insisted on having an attractive flash style header. I do admit, the flash component looks great. Flash often does look a million bucks. There was a nice blend of sound effects and graphic elements creating a nice atmosphere. The problem for me with this concept though, is that every time I clicked on a new page or link, the header effects restarted. So what started out as something nice to look at initially, became rather annoying the more I navigated the website. I kept becoming distracted by the constant noise thus making it difficult to absorb what I was reading.

My colleague wouldn’t be the first person to have created what I describe as “an annoying website”. New webmasters often fall into this trap. They fall in love with the visual aspect but fail to take into account the fact that they are assaulting the minds of their visitors.

Web designers quite often forget the fact that web design needs to send out a direct message to their visitor which should reflect the topic of the site rather than a demonstration of the designers skill level.

Is Your Website Frustrating For Your Visitors?

To be truthful, it’s pretty easy to be annoying. And some webmasters are better than others in achieving this. Take a look at my list of the most annoying web design mistakes and then determine if you could be frustrating your visitors.

1. Background Music

This is quite okay if you’re selling music CDs, or run an online radio station, but if not, what’s the point of playing a midi/wav continuously in the background on each and every web page?

2. Large font

If you’re website is all about helping those with eye sight problems, then huge font would seem ideal. However, for those visiting your site that can see just fine, large font size is the same as shouting at them. No one likes to be shouted at!

3. Tiny Font

Would you like to be heard? Keep the tone of the web page normal, and remember to speak at an acceptable volume.

4. Overlapping the Layers

The use of layers can quite often be handy – to a certain degree. But the excessive use of layers and shoving annoying messages in the faces of your visitors is enough to drive any sane person round the bend! Refrain from forcing your visitors into reading your material. Use wise design strategies, and if you’ve done your job properly, they’ll find the information anyway.

5. Popup windows

Okay, this is my pet hate. But the good news is that there are tools around to block popups. Popups are not only frustrating, but they quite often distract you so much so that you can easily over-look the important information. Don’t ever use popups, it’s really poor form. Instead, try putting your important messages above the fold.

Those are just my top 5 pet peeves with web design, I’m sure you’ll agree there are many others. Keep in mind that you’ll be putting a lot of effort into creating your website. So make sure your visitors don’t hate it, keep the interests of your visitors in mind throughout every step of the process.

If you happen to come across an annoying website, feel free to send them this article!!

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