Humour and Opinionated Writing: Tips for Enthusiastic Writers

Humour and Opinionated Writing: Tips for Enthusiastic Writers

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Writing humour is probably the most effective way to keep your readers engaged with your content. However, it has a lot of dimensions to be covered first. Same is the case with opinionated writing. A writer can add his/her  own  personal opinions in an article, but will it always be embraced gracefully?

Writing Humour:

Writing humour is an art, which needs some serious skills. Let’s compare writing with funny movies  for a moment. People do not have to visualize anything, but in writing, they do have to visualize and imagine – this is not an easy task. Accordingly, let’s move onto some tips for writers who are looking to find their way with writing humour and comedy.

Tips for Writing Humour:

1. Choosing the Best Words:

As I told you,   writing humour is basically making your readers visualize with perfection. In order to do that, you need to choose the best possible words for a certain situation. Make use of a thesaurus, and come up with the perfect blend of words.

2. Arrangement of Words:

In writing humour, arrangement of words is as crucial as choosing and selecting the best words. You need to say the right words, at the right time, with the right expressions and feelings.

3. Metaphors and Similes:

Metaphors and similes play an extremely important role in writing humour and comedy. Always make sure to come up with great metaphors and similes to make your readers giggle and grin.

4. One-Liners:

Wise use of one-liners can do wonders with your humour writing. Punchy, powerful and attractive one-liners, when used properly, play a central role in creating fun and humour in your writing. It is one of the most lovable elements in writing humour.

5. Engage your Reader:

By blending all the above techniques, make sure to engage your readers. By engaging, I mean, to let your reader relate to what you have to say. For example:

Writer’s block is a fancy term made up by whiners, so they can have an excuse to drink alcohol.”

Steve Martin said this quote, which is actually, filled with humour, wittiness and fun; but most of all, every writer can relate to it. See what I mean?

Opinionated Writing:

opinion writingHumour writing and opinionated writing are similar in a way that they both are not easily accepted by the readers. However, when they do get accepted, they bring the most amount of critical appreciation and applause. So, what does it take for a writing opinion to become gladly accepted by a good majority of your readers? Let’s find out:

Tips for Writing Opinion:

Following are some important tips for writing opinion that you need to take on board:

1. Research:

Research plays the most crucial part in writing opinions. Always make sure to do extensive, thorough and detailed research about the topic you are writing. Find different opinions, justifications and facts from both sides of the coin.

2. Write in the 1st Person:

This is an absolute essential for writing opinions. If you are inserting your personal opinion in any writing, you need to write in the 1st person mode. “I believe” or “In my opinion” is much more powerful, trustworthy and reflects your authority over your beliefs.

3. Include Examples and Facts:

You have done the research part; now put that into its perfect use. Provide examples, facts and figures to justify your belief and opinion. Valid examples, from credible sources, automatically convince the readers to believe in your point of view.

4. Respect:

Stand firmly with your belief, but always respect the opinions and justifications of the other group. It will gain you respect, which is essential to grow as a writer.

The bottom line is that you need to be true and honest in your writing, so that, your readers accept it. Humour and opinionated writing takes more than what it seems, but with constant practice and application of the above tips, you can easily hit the mark.

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