Lead Capture Page – 5 Steps For Making Your Squeeze Page Pop

Lead Capture Page – 5 Steps For Making Your Squeeze Page Pop

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Are you finding that conversions from your squeeze page, should be performing a little better?

Lead Capture Page - 5 Steps For Making Your Squeeze Page Pop By simply adding a capture page to your website may not be enough to do the job efficiently. You will though, need to add one that hooks your readers attention, making them subscribe, or opt-in to your list, which is the whole point of being online.

Below Lists 5 Critical Elements Needed For a Lead Capture Page

1. Headline: This portion of the concept, in itself, is the most important component for a successful squeeze page. If the headline fails to lure your visitor, you’re finished before you’ve even started.

A headline needs to present a solution for your readers problem. Base your headline on common issues or popular topics that are commonly raised by your target market.

For example, “Did You Know…” or “How to….” or “Discover the Secret for…” In any case, make sure it’s bold and designed to grab people’s attention.  The font in your headline needs to be bolded in a way that stands out from the rest of the page content. A red bolded headline, capitalizing the first letter in each word stands out, and you’re bound to attract a second look from people scanning the web. Use up to Fifteen words for your headline, anymore than this, and people start to lose interest.

2. Sub-Heading: This part of your capture page is designed to tease your reader into reading on further. If, within your heading, you have asked a question, a sub-heading could tell people that this is where you will find your answer. Let your sub-heading offer the solution to what someone is looking for. You can still bold your sub-heading, but make it smaller, and even a different font style.

3. Main Body: This part of your squeeze page is where you’ll be showcasing the benefits of your offerings. Bullet points are a great way to de-clutter a page, as a way for visitors to easily scan your page. By all means, use paragraphs too, however by integrating the highlights of your offering with bullet points, provides your reader with a more convenient way to get the information they need.

You can utilise bullet points with powerful cues or strategies. ie:

“Strategies for marketing your website that will help grow your business.”

“Propel your online business forward just like you’ve always imagined.”

The body of your squeeze page is also a great place to insert testimonials, product reviews and your newsletter. Try and avoid linking to other pages from your sales page, otherwise, you risk losing readers by directing them to pages less likely to close sales or sign-ups You can also experiment with bolding and underlining key portions.

4. The Subscription Box: Yes, this is the one! A subscription box is the whole point of your squeeze page. The way you structure and implement the positioning of the sign up box, is a very important part of the process, and converting visitors to members or subscribers. Once your visitor hits the sign up box, as a result of luring them there, don’t scare them off with information overload.  Only ask for the basics such as name, email, phone number and address (optional).

You can locate the code for your subscription within your auto-responder. So by inserting this code within the lead capture page, will result in the subscriber immediately receiving your auto responder messages.

5. A Call to Action: A call to action is basically when a reader takes action in direct response to your squeeze page. This provides the subscriber with a run down of what they can expect as a result of opting in. You could offer some kind of bonus by signing up, a discount off their first purchase, for example. This portion of the process is where your visitor decides to stay or leave.

By making things personal can give the visitor an emotional connection thus enhancing the likely-hood of signing-up. Many people have become immune to what is said on squeeze pages and all the often empty hype they create. So make sure you speak directly to your reader, and have taken measures to thoroughly research your target market.

To maximize the amount of capture you’ll achieve, you will likely need to experiment with various strategies, and so make sure you measure each step through trial and error until you develop the best solution. Each time you tweak your squeeze page, make sure you post it out to the masses, and see what works best.

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