Learning Web Designing and Web Development

Learning Web Designing and Web Development

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Learning Web Designing and Web Development

The field of web designing covers the front-end of the website. All the designing parts of the website, including colours, texts, text styles, alignment, background colours and styles etc. are parts of the website designing. On the other hand, web development covers aspects like coding, scripting and other back-end operations of a website. While it may seem a bit daunting and difficult, but it is completely possible to start your way in by learning the basics of web designing and web development on your own. Following are some ways by which you can start learning web designing and web development:


1. Books: A book is the greatest source of information and knowledge. If you are willing to learn web designing and web development, you will find that there are plenty of useful books available in the market. A simple search on Google can bring hundreds of great books. If you are a beginner, books like “Web Design All in One for Dummies” or “The Principles of Beautiful Web Design” can be of great help.


2. Reading Software Manuals and Guides: Another great way to start familiarizing with the web designing and web development field is to start interacting with their related pieces of software. In order to get started, try reading the software manuals and guides. It will take some time, but eventually, you will feel comfortable in using these softwares. Moreover, you will learn a lot through these manuals and guides.


3. Articles and Blog posts: One great method is to start following related blog posts, which publish useful information, tutorial articles, how-to guides, and other tips and tricks about web designing and web development. You can subscribe to these blogs in order to stay updated. Websites like alistapart.com, smashingmagzine.com, and simplebits.com can greatly help you in this regard.


4. Forums and Communities: If you are serious about learning web designing and web development, then you must connect with other web designers and web developers. Forums and communities are great places to meet other professionals, which can help you in your way up.


5. Tutorial Videos: Video tutorials have always been the primary sources for learning any new skill. Mostly, these videos are practical versions of tutorials, which guide you along with the entire procedure. There are many paid membership websites, which upon signing up, provide you a whole range of video tutorials. Moreover, there are many free tutorials available on the internet as well. Websites like video-tutes.com and designshack.net offer you a lot of free video tutorials.

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