Recovering From a Google Penalty, Google Offers New Lifeline!

Recovering From a Google Penalty, Google Offers New Lifeline!

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If you’ve been involved with Internet search for a while, you’ll be as amazed as I was to discover Google’s new site penalty intervention policy.

Help with a Google penaltyI have read many a-frustrated forum and blog post from panic stricken webmasters who have had their websites penalized by Google and are left fuming with the lack of real support offered by the Google Search Quality Team as to how to rectify their penalty issues. Even though many site owners bring these penalties about by their own stupidity, it’s my belief that many are unknowing victims and have no idea why they have breeched the search guidelines.

Typically, website owners are basically deferred to the Google support forum to try and find answers to their website and search engine ranking problems. I personally have been through this process, and whilst these support forums have an element of helpful communities members, most of them just offer sarcastic one line responses to those people reaching out for help to save their livelihoods.

Intervention from Google Regarding Penalty Recovery Has Been a Long Time Coming!

A friend of mine used to make a whopping $16,500 a month from one Adsense site. His rankings started dropping over a 2 month period to a level that saw an 80% drop in traffic…Ouch!

You’ve probably heard the saying from the various search gurus that incoming links can’t hurt your site rankings? This is absolute and complete NONSENSE. I’m not just making this up. I have  evidence from the Google Search Team that the inbound links coming into my buddies website got him penalized fair and square, Google even presented him with some of the links at fault – until now, this kind of direct intervention from Google was unheard of!

Check This Out, sent to my buddy on his personal email address from Google…(Here’s a snippet)

“To illustrate how these articles could apply to you, here are examples of pages that contain inorganic links to your site:

http://  www. linkaddresssurppressed/web-design/online/ – Anchor: online dating

www.//  linkaddresssurppressed/70/Dating-Heavyweights-Aim-Up-at-Australian-Market.php – Anchor: singles

To find more links to your site, you can download a list in Webmaster Tools by doing the following: 1. Click on your site at 2. Click on ‘Your site on the web’ and then ‘Links to your site.’ 3. Under ‘Who links the most,’ click ‘More.’ 4. At the top of the page, click on ‘Download more sample links.’

Please correct or remove all content that is outside our quality guidelines. You might consider reaching out to the webmasters of the sites with the inorganic links on them. For advice on how to go about contacting them, read Once you have updated your site, reply to this email noting the specific changes you made. Only after there has been a significant decrease in unnatural linking will we consider reviewing your reconsideration request again. If there are still links that you could not remove, we will look for an explanation of why you were unable to do so.


The Google Search Quality Team”Google spam penalty

Upon our investigation and with the help of Google’s personal intervention, we were able to determine that my friend had over-optimized his linking strategies by placing 3 or more home page links in the articles he was syndicating. Agreed, he was asking for trouble doing this, but the point being is that Google told him point blank what caused the penalty offering a life-line to restore his $16,500 monthly income.

I offer you my advice on recovering from a Google penalty not from a hunch, or from the unreliable advice that comes from the Google support forum, I tell you this from a stand-point of direct intervention from the Google Quality Search Team.

In the event that you have been subjected to a Google search engine penalty, filing your reconsideration request to Google needs to be done with precision, research and intelligence.

Before you submit your reconsideration request, spend however long it takes compiling information and evidence as to what measures you have taken to determine what caused the penalty. Don’t make the mistake of filing a reconsideration request with a simple plea for help – this WILL fall on deaf ears.

Be honest, dob yourself right in! Tell Google exactly what you suspect caused the penalty, and provide evidence as to what lengths you have gone to to rectify this. Give Google links to some of the back link schemes or networks you have participated in, or show them some of the low quality pages within your website.

Once you have got a decent amount of information to show Google as a sign of good faith that shows them you want to repent and fix your evil ways, tell them exactly what it is you have already done to fix and restore things.

In the case of my friend, he is still in the process of contacting hundreds of webmasters to have inorganic links removed. After a substantial amount of links are removed, he’ll then need to wait a few months for Google to recrawl those sites before his website gets brought back from penalty.

So if your website has suffered at the hands of a Google penalty, take some hope from my experience and stop listening to all the knockers. Because you CAN get direct help from Google – you just need to know how to ask properly!

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