[heading style=”1″]Do We Offer a Guarantee to Rank Your Website at Number 1 on Google?[/heading]

No, we don’t play those games. Any SEO company that promises a number 1 organic ranking on Google is being deceptive – it’s simply a marketing ploy to lure you in. Here’s a quote directly from Google themselves: “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. Beware of SEO Companys that claim to guarantee rankings” Visit Google’s terms and services regarding SEO practices.

We are a very experienced Australian SEO Team and use smart strategies to Rank your online business website as high as we can on Google, Yahoo and Bing. We are friendly & approachable and do all the SEO and Keyword Research before we begin your SEO Campaign and work with you over a period of Months to continue to tweak and enhance the Results.

So whilst it’s impossible to make rock solid guarantees about ranking your website, successful SEO results come about by implementing four key elements:

[column size=”1-2″ last=”0″ style=”0″] [box title=”Here’s What Really Counts…” color=”#1BB4DE”]Content: Well written, informative and unique web content that’s regularly updated on your website.


On-site SEO: Optimising the on-page factors of your web pages such as page titles, meta tags and other back-end coding elements.


Keyword Analysis: An SEO campaign involves keyword research, analysis of your competition and benchmarking your industry.


An ethical link building campaign: Obtaining links that are placed on other industry relevant websites pointing back to your website. [/box] [/column]

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[box title=”Our SEO Guarantee” color=”#0A1FBF”]

So, what we do and CAN guarantee, is to implement the above mentioned important SEO factors and strategies. We constantly tweak and measure the effectiveness of our SEO strategies as there are frequent algorithm changes based around the way in which Google and other search engines rank websites.


In saying that, provided that your website does not have any pre-existing issues such as search engine penalties imposed because of existing poor quality or duplicate content or other linking issues such as participating in link schemes, we’d estimate that your site has a 90% – 100% chance of reaching the first page of Google. We would need to discuss the level of competition in your industry and your expectations to determine the length of an SEO campaign.  Contact us for more information for SEO Australia or see our SEO packages.