Realising Your Dreams of Starting a Website Designing Business

Realising Your Dreams of Starting a Website Designing Business

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Talented website designers are in quite a unique position, with regards to careers. A few perks you can enjoy with a successful web design business include a great earning potential, flexibility of working hours, complete independence as well as the ability to work in a choice of various working environments.

Sounds like a dream business doesn’t it? Even still, a common mis-judgement made by many aspiring entrepreneur’s is that they tend to get lost in the dream, something that does not even exist yet, instead of moving forward with their vision with a restrained and practical approach. The idea is to take on any new business venture from the view of reality, and not one of a pipe dream.

I decided to write about this topic given that I am personally in the throws of starting my own web design business. At this early stage of my web design career, the most exciting development that comes to mind, was when I landed my first design job. It was like landing my first decisive blow, and made me accutley aware that my ambitions of developing a web design business were not only coming to life, but had literally taken off.

Today, I’d like to run you through the critical steps needed to get up and running with your own web business. I’ll be discussing knowledge I have picked up along the way, as well as talking about the various methods I have personally used to cover all the aspects of running a complete web design company.

Putting on Your Shiny New Entrepreneur’s Shoes

The thought of even having to start a new career is a bitter pill to swallow. Why then, do such a lot of men and women feel the need to do this? Many seem to have the same dream of one day being their own boss, working less hours, and working from home, and of course making a ship-load of cash. Despite the fact that there are currently more millionaires right now than ever before, approximately half of all new businesses fail within the first year.

It’s these harsh realities that any new prospective business owner should take on board. Ask yourself this question: Are you willing to risk everything for a dream? On the other hand, you can also ask yourself this question: Are you one of the unique few who possesses that raw drive to succeed regardless of the challenge that lay ahead?

What You Can Expect

When there are initial positive signs that things are heading in the right direction, that sense of excitement and achievment provides you with valuable motivation. Every step in the right direction starts to build momentum, as you inch closer to the big picture. Having full control over your business decisions is a very liberating experience. You can set your work hours to suit your lifestyle and commitments, you have the power to determine what price your willing to offer your services for, and have the ability to talk to clients about how to solve their website concerns, and can ultimately offer them the solution.

Helping to Overcome Challenges

a new web desgin businessSetting up a successful web design company is much more than being able to design a website. There’s tax and financial management, finding new customers, dealing with fussy clients, and marketing strategies including search engine optimisation. If you’re going to reach the top of your game, you’ll need to factor in these additional requirements, as well as being able to work towards self-imposed deadlines.

Managing daily distractions is also part of the job: being able to multi-task as you handle your design work in conjunction with responding to calls and emails. Client management is also a major factor. Some customers are just awesome, some are a down-right pain in the butt! Nevertheless, you can’t avoid it. Difficult clients often means working longer hours, and having to deal with stressful situations.

Which brings us to the next very important step – being able to delegate. Reaching this point in your business is a very good thing, right? You’ve obviously got so much going on that you need some help. And that’s where outsourcing comes into play. Consider outsourcing some or all of the design work, and even employ a book-keeper.

What the Future Holds

If you’re searching for a flexible business, it doesn’t get much more flexible than web design. In the end, a successful web company can be managed by other experienced people.

Throughout the building phase of your company, you’ll acquire many invaluable skills along the way, skills that can be applied to many other areas associated with business management.

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