Website Hotline Packs Flexibility and Affordability into its Plans

Website Hotline Packs Flexibility and Affordability into its Plans

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Introducing smart deals for new businesses

The launch of Australia’s newest web design and Internet marketing company, Website Hotline, has attracted plenty of initial interest from small business groups across the nation. The technology company offers a wide suite of Internet solutions incorporating the core fundamentals required for business presence, growth and expansion.

Largely superseding traditional methods of advertising and marketing such as yellow pages, newspaper ads and letter box distributions, Website Hotline offers Internet packages specialising in small business.

Company CEO, Matt Fuller explains “According to Forester Research Group, 85% of potential customers found new websites via search engines. 58% of users also used directories to find information, particularly when searching for local businesses. So alongside our website design services, we also incorporate search engine optimisation as an add-on facility for our clients.  In addition, and with Facebook now topping Google in terms of daily visitors, we also offer clients customised Facebook business pages. Facebook has become somewhat of an obsession professionally and socially, 8% of the entire worlds population use Facebook with nearly 300 million of their 500 million members logging on seven days a week. And so Website Hotline has adapted to the demand for the three biggest factors for gaining exposure to new markets – Website design, search engine optimisation and Facebook.”

Research has shown that consumers rarely look beyond the first three pages of a search result, and a whopping 76% of users never look beyond the first five listings. Online marketing strategies have become a highly accountable and transparent concept. A standard website package will incorporate tools that allow you to view and track your website analytics. Google and other major search engines also provide free tools to track the performance of your website.

Search engines and websites have moved to a completely new phase over recent years. Top organic search engine rankings are not quite as easy to attain today. Accordingly, social media management and brand recognition have become an influencing factor for online strategies. Matt also goes on to add  “For a modest investment of just $1400, the team at Website Hotline have put together a package ideal for small businesses: Fully built website with built-in CMS management, Facebook business page, one month search engine optimisation campaign – everything a small business owner needs to breathe life into their business venture.”

The increasing dependence on the Internet for gaining new business has made link building for search engine optimisation a far more diverse strategy than previously, a strategy that will continue to change and shift as a direct result of the cess pool of junk web pages within search engine results. Real time data, news even videos is where the industry is headed – anything that has the potential to make its way into the general market-place before the information has the chance to become part of a link building campaign.

By infusing the latest Internet, search and social methodologies, Website Hotline has made available to the public the most advanced and long-term web solutions for this industry which constantly demands excellence and precision.

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