Why WordPress is the World’s Most Popular Web Platform

Why WordPress is the World’s Most Popular Web Platform

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WordPress is a free blogging platform. WordPress has become an increasingly popular choice for web designers and end users due to its simplicity to learn and use as well as the vast range of functionality available throughout the WordPress community.

Although WordPress was mainly used for blogging purposes in the early days, the platform is now used as a powerful and innovative website solution for any purpose including blogs, information sites and Ecommerce solutions.

One of the most unique aspects of WordPress is the way in which plugins are utilised. Plugins can be downloaded from within the WordPress admin and they serve many purposes. Some examples of WP plugins include SEO on-site functionality for updating your web pages to be search engine optimised, other plugins help with adding features to your website such as navigation menus, photo galleries, image slider effects, contact forms plus many other very handy functions you can add to your website without needing any coding and design language skills.

Anyone Can do it!

Wordpress LogoWithin reason that is. If you are simply looking for a basic solution to build a personal website, then WordPress is something you should consider. Once you set up your hosting and set your nameservers at the hosting company, you can go ahead and download WordPress for free. The initial download will look much like a blogging site, however this can be transformed into a website in around 10 minutes once you learn your way around the different settings within the WP admin.

Another amazing aspect to WP is the fact that there are so many freebies that come with it. Everything is free! The themes, plugins, WP itself is free. There are of course premium themes and plugins which cost, but once you know your way around WP for long enough you’ll soon realise that there is no need to pay for anything as there are thousands of free plugins and themes.


Why is it Free?

The concept of wordpress is amazing in itself. There is no one set of developers or designers that work out of a set web design studio. The development of WP is built around a vast base of skilled contributors from the WordPress community around the world, many of them contributing their time and expertise for free. WP developers use this as a means to showcase their skills and in return receive notariety from their peers thus leveraging the buzz of the WordPress community as a promotional tool.

Many web design firms are opting to use WP as their prefered choice of platform due to its sheer diversity, the cost aspect, simplicity, and it can be on-sold to their clients to include a simple and impressive content management system that their clients can use to add new pages, add images and easily implement crucial on-site SEO elements to their web pages.

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